Community Projects

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 The Mens Room – #LostandFound

A Walking Tour designed by young men with experience of street homelessness. You are invite to see Manchester through other eyes and catch a glimpse of what it means to be… Lost. And Found.

Over the past 6 weeks volunteers from the Mens room have worked at Hulme Community Garden Centre to create 5 moveable planters that will be places around the Northern Quarter of the City.

There are very few tickets left! so please get yours quickly!

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If you are experiencing homelessness find out more at :

Skate park planters

Tim designed and built a garden and seating area for the ProjektsMcr skatepark (under the Mancy Way) which has transformed the external appearance of the park and had skaters sitting on it immediately!

The latest Urban Garden project at Cube 3 Office 56 Princess St

Mark meanwhile designed and created an amazing Fire Escape garden in the city centre…four storeys of loveliness and the best smoking areas in town!

Pallet Palace Shed Project

Collaborative project with Bridge College and the Whitworth Art Gallery WARP Festival (httpsa// our shed is up and ready to be dressed for the festival if you are free pop down to whitworth park this weekend…