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Our garden centre is full of everything you need to have a healthy, productive, and beautiful garden. Our stock ranges from trees to tiny alpines, a huge range of edible and fruit bearing plants, willowy grasses and colourful annuals. We only sell organic fertilisers and composts, and grow as much as we can ourselves to ensure our plants are chemical free. Gardening should be as beneficial for wildlife as it can be for us, and we always aim to carry plants that will help provide food and shelter for birds and insects. Apart from all the usual horticultural sundries, in our shop you will also find unique cards, gifts and crafts made by local artists and our volunteers.

News and Offers


New Bird Seed flown in!

It is particularly important to feed wild birds in Winter, but they can be fed throughout the year to help supplement their natural diet. We now have British grown, ethically produced bird food, and are selling it loose so you can buy as much or as little as you wish. These waxwings were seen on an apple tree in our garden centre for a week or so this February, showing how important it is not to be too tidy in our gardens, leaving seed heads, berries and rotting fruit can be very valuable for wildlife.

Potato Universe!

Seed potato time has arrived, and never before has it been so colourful! Shetland black, Salad Blue, Highland Burgandy Red, Pink Gypsy, Golden Wonder…plant yourself a rainbow! Not only do they look great but they also have a whole range of different tastes and uses. Don’t forget our Potato Day on 19th where Bill and Steve will be here to answer all your potato related questions.

Winter Wonders

Just because it is well and truly winter it does not mean your garden has to be boring. There are many plants to bring some seasonal sparkle to your outside space. Willows and cornus have brightly coloured stems in reds and yellows, evergreen shrubs such as mahonia and osmanthus often begin to flower about now, many of them sweetly scented. Pots and tubs can be brightened up with violas, cyclamen, thymes and ivies.

What you will find outside

What you will find in our shop

Garden Consultations

If you are unsure of how to make the most of your garden, we do make house visits for a small fee. We will advise you on what plants will suit your conditions, and your requirements! base design advice, and follow this up with suggested planting list.

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We can deliver any items within the Greater Manchester area. Price depends on distance.